Legalizing Gay Marriage: Progress or Regress?

Cosmic X5/13/2012 7:39:00 am PDT

re: #45 May Day! May Day!

Nothing about that in the Maimonides quote, at least directly. So either it is irrelevant to your argument, or it isn’t, but then you also should call for forbidding all breaking of the Noachide laws (in Maimonides’ interpretation) to be consistent, for surely it will cause harm to America for the same reasons? As of now you seem to be unwilling to be fully consistent for the sake of convenience.

I was just arguing according to Ascher’s reasoning, not my own. I would be happy if all Noachide laws were kept. I know that this is not something that is at hand. I would just like to hope that things will not get worse, i.e. the guy with bad breath eating garlic.

P.S. I am impressed with your knowledge of Maimonides.