Vatican: Holocaust Denying Bishop Must 'Recant'

DeafDog2/04/2009 11:28:43 am PST

re: #441 Kenneth

I think lefties are devisive. Given that Cheney defended America while lefties are trying to destroy it, I say God bless Dick Cheney and screw the left. Period.

A political observation……

The Dems always call Republicans either stupid or sinister. According to the left:

Reagan, GWB, Eisenhower, Palin - all stupid
Nixon, Chaney, Goldwater - all sinister

On the reverse side, the Reps always call Democrats either naive or corrupt. According to the right:

Clinton, Pelosi, Biden, Rangel (this list is long) - all corrupt
Carter, Obama, Cyrus Vance, Brzynski - all naive

Of course, some - like Bill Richardson - qualify as both.