Bad Lip Reading Does "TRUMP in ASIA" [VIDEO]

Blind Frog Belly White7/11/2019 12:13:22 pm PDT

re: #43 calochortus

Like anyone knows what the hell he’ll do when his microphone is on.

I noticed the Freepers think Obama removed the question by EO. When someone pointed out it had been dropped in 1960, one person thanked him for the information and everyone else went back to discussing how Trump could easily reinstate the question with an EO since Obama had removed it with one.

Willful, impenetrable ignorance. Even in those who might be briefly convinced of the truth, the lie they want to believe often returns quickly.

It’s why I gave up on an archery/bowhunting forum where I used to argue politics and economics with Conservatives. A fay or so after I’d shown the data on tax cuts never paying for themselves, let alone increasing revenue, somebody who’d been on that thread said, “We know that tax cuts always increase tax revenue.”