Video: John McCain Quotes Chairman Mao

Guanxi8810/16/2009 2:35:50 pm PDT

re: #469 dugmartsch

Are you referring to the Van Jones nontroversy? That’s the only guy that’s been forced out of his administration so far, and unfairly so.

I don’t know of anyone else in his admin that would register on your liability scale.

I was willing to give you that crazy people are attracted to his magnetic personality, but not that he courts people who are unbalanced and only gets rid of them when the winged crusaders on the right call him on it.

You’re right - Van Jones wasn’t a radical of any sort at all. Any similarity in appearance was purely the product of Beck-ish distortion. Because Mr. Jones wasn’t a Truther, he wasn’t a radical of any sort at all.

The fact that our state department has decide to throw in behind a raging anti-semite who decide to stage a diy constitutional convention to ensure that he can be president for life of Honduras, again, no radicalism there at all.

The FCC makes noises approvingly of Chavez’s Bolivarian revolution - but that’s not indicative of anything at all, and certainly no cause for concern. Nay, even a raised eyebrow would be Beckish. best to leave that alone.

Cass Sunstein’s belief in the necessity of completing FDR’s New Deal with guaranteed income for all, should be viewed with dispassion. Because he’s nobody important, the fact that he views the installation of a socialist economy as a consummation devoutely to be wished, but unattainable because of deep-seated American racism, is evidence of nothing.

Diversity Chief of the FCC Mark Lloyd thinks Chavez is a swell guy, and that he represetns the interests of the people of Venezuela to a degree so remarkably high as to permit him to close down counter-revolutionary media outlets. His support for the Fairness Doctrine is meaningless in this or any context.

AG Eric Holder has no problem with New Black Panthers at polling places, clubs or no clubs, and similary was a key figure in securing pardons for members of the Weather Underground in the last days of Clinton. But he’s nobody, and these and other actions mean nothing.