Ted Cruz Is a Fan of the Stupidest Man on the Internet, Because of Course He Is

FormerDirtDart 🍕🐀11/30/2015 10:48:07 am PST

How do you know “Fools and Friends” host Doocy is wrong?
1) It’s a day of the week that ends in “y”
2) His lips are moving

“We’re not going to argue about climate change,” Doocy explained. “Although we do know that over the last couple of decades, for the most part, has stabilized or gone down a little bit.”

“Let me just gently disagree — and you know I love you slightly,” Rivera replied. “This will be — 2015 — the hottest year on record. We’ve had nine out of 10 hottest years since the year 2000 in this century. So, I think the planet is getting warmer. I think the question is what’s responsible.”

“Global warming has slowed significantly over the last two decades,” Doocy said, raising his voice to interrupt his colleague.