Dearborn Ordered to Apologize for Arrests of Christian Missionaries at Arab Fest

ThomasLite5/06/2013 5:31:07 pm PDT

re: #1 FemNaziBitch

If anyone from a non-Christian religion did that at a cultural or ethnic festival in NYC, we’d hear screaming in California.

The thing is that it’s just RUDE. People who think they have some special license to preach like this are just opportunists who find a way to justify their love of bullying. IMHO

Oh, certainly. Thing is though: rights are there for assholes just as much as they’re there for you and me (I’ll leave it up to the reader how much of a difference that is :) ); by taking this kind of action (from what I’ve read of it) you lower yourself to(wards) their level. Not a good thing.
Yeah, they’re a bunch of dipshits. They had the right to be dipshits without being arrested, though.
One thing in defense of Dearborn: they went about it in a very civil manner, not going all the way over the top as I’m sure would happen in many cases were the roles reversed.