Sessions: Assad Would Have Feared Bush

majii9/06/2013 5:31:50 pm PDT

The bastard most certainly did mean to be partisan when he made the claim that Assad would have listened if GWB had told him not to use chemical weapons on his own citizens. There are reasons Sessions said this. First, he’s being deliberately divisive for political reasons, and second, he’s telling the group that because the president is black, he’s automatically weak on foreign policy and everything else. He’s conveniently forgetting that he’s talking about the same GWB who fucked up in Iraq and Afghanistan, who could/did not consider Osama Bin Laden worth capturing, and who was a failure in foreign and domestic policy. But, then, GWB was a white president.

I think a major source of Sessions’ repeated opposition to President Obama is 99.999% based on the president’s race. Many Americans might not think this, and I can understand that, but they don’t have the experience I have in dealing with racist southern white males.

In general, racist southern white males have no real respect for any Person of Color. Oh, they’ll tolerate us if we can assist them in some way, but forget about them looking upon us as their equals. There are some reasons racist southern white males will never accept males of color occupying the WH, and those reasons are:
*They don’t think they’re intelligent enough to work in certain professions.

*They think that any good job and/or educational attainment they had/have is because of affirmative action (although this may not be true) and not because they are intelligent and work hard.

*They have the mindset that certain persons in this country have “places” where they do/don’t belong, along with other reasons.

No matter what President Obama does, it will never be approved/good in the eyes of someone like Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions III. The way he feels about Persons of Color, LGBTQ Americans, atheists, and others has, over his lifetime, almost become a part of his genetic make up. Scratch Session’s surface and underneath you’ll find that the way he feels about President Obama is also the way he feels about Clarence Thomas, Allen West, Michael Steele, and Herman Cain. These guys think they’ve earned acceptance in the GOP, but they’re deluding themselves. To understand this one only has to recall how quickly Micheal Steele was to mention his race and the GOP when high level officials in the RNC wanted to rid themselves of him. The first thing he said was that his being black meant he had to work harder than any other chairman of the RNC. If he thought that he had finally “made it,” in the GOP, why would he have ever had to mention how he thought his race was related to the way he was being treated?