GOP Congressman's Defense for Cutting SNAP Benefits: 'If Anyone Is Not Willing to Work, Let Him Not Eat'

nines099/24/2013 6:38:18 pm PDT

re: #4 Skip Intro

Jesus didn’t say that. Paul, who never met Jesus, did.

Edit: Let me revise this. People who study these things say 2 Thessalonians was not written by Paul; it’s pseudonymous (i.e. someone wrote it using Paul’s name).

So this GOP asshole is using a “quote” made up by an anonymous writer to justify being a complete prick.

Today’s GOP in action.

That’s my point entirely. Theology. The never ending argument on ” just what did Jesus mean” by what was written in the books. A lot was never mentioned, nor brought up or spoken by Jesus. That was left to man and his need to “understand” the Gospel usually for their own gain or power. God works in mysterious ways. Man, not so much. This creep is a fine example of compassion and rebranding.