The Chalice That Helped Make Possible the Iran Nuclear Deal

palomino12/01/2013 5:54:41 pm PST

re: #4 rosiee

Still thinking the Iranians have good intentions, how cute.

How about giving peace and diplomacy a chance, specifically 6 months?

We, or someone else, can always bomb Iran later and thus risk setting off another middle eastern war. But shouldn’t we at least try something else first?

And it always helps to remember the historical fact that we fucked Iran back in 1953 by overthrowing their democratically elected leader. For bullshit oil and cold war reasons. We wouldn’t forget that if done to us.

Refusing to at least try and improve relations with Iran is just a reflexive dogmatic response that insures no progress will be made. If you’ve already decided they’re the devil, then what’s the point of anything? We might as well just start nihilistically bombing away.