Startup CEO Dudebro Wishes 'Degenerates' Would Stop Ruining 'The Civilized Part' of San Francisco

KerFuFFler12/11/2013 1:43:42 pm PST

I am not so completely willing to pass judgement on Gopman for his discomfiture over the misbehaviors of San Francisco’s vagrants———in spite of his excessively entitled attitude . Part of the problem in places like SF is that the moderate climate over time attracts a disproportionate number of homeless people and social services are hard pressed to assist such an alarmingly large community of afflicted people. Law enforcement is very limited as to how to deal with individuals who are disruptive or menacing. A person who gets picked up will likely be back to the same spot the following day. And though not all homeless are dangerous, it is fair to say that a disproportionate number suffer from mental illness and can scare or disgust passers by. (And when I say “disgust”, I’m specifically referring only to disturbing behaviors——-spitting, swearing, inappropriate gestures, flashing, soliciting and so on, not the fact that they are unkempt.)

I am willing to take his apology at face value and be hopeful that he realizes that policies need to change to improve the lives of these people. Perhaps he can get behind efforts to increase funding for mental health, homeless shelters and assistance programs to help these people put their lives back together again.