Mark Kirk: First I Was for the State Department, Now I Prefer Israel

palomino4/20/2014 7:04:43 am PDT

re: #3 Dark_Falcon

Nothing wrong with Sen. Kirk’s actions. Assurances given by a liberal Democrat should be treated with suspicion (and when warranted, hostility) by Republicans. Wendy Sherman has a different way of viewing the world than Sen. Kirk and he feels her way is badly flawed (I agree with him, BTW).

Moreover, it would foolish for any Republican senator to agree with the Obama administration over the Israelis when it comes to Iran. Doing so emboldens Iran, supports an administration that has proven irresolute where Iran is concerned, and alienated that senator from him party.

Mark Kirk is right and Wendy Sherman is wrong.

What are you even talking about? Obama, Kerry, et al. have said repeatedly that the temporary deal with Iran has no better than a 50% chance of working, which means it will probably be dead in a few months. How many times do we have to say “we will not allow Iran to get nuclear weapons” before it makes you happy? Shouldn’t we at least try diplomacy before the inevitable war that you seem to desire so badly?