Shocker: Donald Trump Told Reckless Lies About Coronavirus Today, While the CDC Issued Dire Warnings

Shiplord Kirel, Friend of Moose and Squirrel2/25/2020 11:26:40 am PST

CLed from last string. An associate of now-flat flat-Earth rocketeer “Mad Mike” Hughes has admitted what every reasonable observer already knew:
“Mad” Mike Hughes at times said his rocket launches aimed to prove the Earth’s shape, but a representative told BuzzFeed News that was all for publicity

On Saturday, a public relations representative disputed Hughes’ flat Earth beliefs, telling BuzzFeed News that the argument had helped him raise money but that he didn’t actually believe it.

“We used flat Earth as a PR stunt. Period,” Darren Shuster told BuzzFeed News. “He was a true daredevil decades before the latest round of rocket missions. Flat Earth allowed us to get so much publicity that we kept going! I know he didn’t believe in flat Earth and it was a shtick.”

As for why Shuster would admit this, why not? It’s not as though the flat-Earth faithful could sue Mad Mike, and it does help his legacy. I would certainly rather be remembered as a huckster who grifted flat-Earth idiots than as a flat-Earth idiot myself.