Weapons-Grade Funk: MonoNeon, Ash Soan, Ghost-Note on Zildjian LIVE!

mmmirele9/09/2020 9:06:30 pm PDT

I posted about Trump’s fundraising woes a few days back and noted the Trump campaign had not released its August numbers. Well, there’s a reason for that.

Those numbers *sucked*. Trump raised $210 million to Biden’s $365 million.

This on top of Trump burning through $800 million, pulling back on TV commercials and other campaign actions makes me think they don’t have a whole lot of money sitting around.

In their respective announcements, neither side said how much cash it has on hand for the election’s stretch run. We’ll get more details on Sept. 20, which is the next filing deadline for Federal Election Commission reports.

I can tell you that the Biden campaign is texting me at least twice a day and I got two calls on my land line from the Biden Victory Fund today, which I let roll to voicemail. They’ll get more money but not quite yet.