Some naked faces of hatred on the right

Mad Prophet Ludwig7/21/2010 7:24:49 pm PDT

re: #4 Gus 802

The important thing for the occasional reader that may surf into this page is that this site is associated with Robert Spencer who once praised them and directly links to their site. They are also linked to Pajamas Media who occasionally has Blogmocracy member Snork write an occasional editorial for them.

The other site which was started by Rodan is called The Diary of Daedalus. After reading this article Ludwig I went over to that site to find this comment in a blog focusing on a legitimate comment I made this morning and found this:

A couple of months ago I saved a screenshot of a physical threat aimed at you Ludwig by the pathologically deranged Rodan. There we find Rodan saying, “you’re f*ucked Ludwig, I’ll find out where you are and when you least expect it I’ll crack you over the head.”

This is just a small example. Again, the revealing part is not only the frequency of violent rhetoric and threats is that they are associated with Robert Spencer’s Jihadwatch and more recently Pajamas Media.

Excellent post.

The Rodent also responds to this one…

Wow is this guy on drugs! Coldwarrior met me and can tell you I can easily pass for Italian or Greek.I have Lebanese in me so my olive completion. I’m a mud person to Ludwig. This guy is a white supremacist.

This quote by him is very telling. He feels compelled to make excuses for his complexion.

Again Rodent, there is nothing wrong, or lesser, or bad about not being white. It is not something you should be ashamed of. The people who will call you a mud person are the same ones who will happily deport you. They are the ones you hang out with.

How much must he hate that proud Latina woman who stands up for her people, and has no shame whatsoever about her beautiful, not so white, skin? How he must despise her for boldly being everything he hates about himself.