Comment shows how James O'Keefe edited, rearranged the NPR videos

elizajane3/11/2011 3:28:02 pm PST

Oh my God. Glen Beck takes a principled stance. How is it possible?

Can we take a moment and just say—good on him. Good on anybody who calls out trash on their own side. I hated that prank call to Gov. Walker almost as much as I hated the NPR videos. Who doesn’t know that a politician or a fundraiser will basically agree with anything a potential donor says? It’s a cheap, easy way to trick somebody into saying something stupid, and then you act as if you’ve uncovered some shocking truth about that person or their entire organization.

Actually, the fact that this is so easy with a politician says some dreadful things about our political system. But to “catch” a fundraiser talking nice with a sleazy donor? This surprises whom, exactly? I’m surprised they had to doctor the tape: that’s pathetic. NPR must be less liberal than I have been lead to believe.