Netanyahu backs laws to limit donations to Israeli human rights organizations

Bob Levin11/08/2011 3:07:23 am PST

re: #1 CuriousLurker

I’m not sure this is the exact right approach to address the problem, but it is a problem when other nations feel it’s perfectly within their right to influence even the zoning rules that every other nation takes for granted. There are considerable efforts, efforts pushing world public opinion to the point of reversing the UN’s 1948 declaration of Israel’s existence. A similar pressure could not be felt in the US or England, but it is certainly felt in Israel—and let me tell you, this is a novel experience, to feel those trying to destroy the very idea that you exist.

There is no way that Russia, or a Russian could possibly feel this. Russia, frankly, should feel pretty much invulnerable.

The fact that the proposal could be greatly flawed does not make the problem vanish.

On the other hand, Israel has hired European PR firms to see what they can do to bolster Israel’s image, which is slowly drifting into the stereotypes of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion—you know, blood libels, having horns and tails, working with the devil for world domination. Some people may have run across these recently in their own lives. It’s becoming quite common.