Israel: Ultra-Orthodox Rioters Stone Non-Segregated Buses, Wound Police Officer

EiMitch1/05/2012 9:00:52 pm PST

In case any of these “protesters” happen to be reading this, please humor me as I loosely paraphrase Jeff Foxworthy.

Two haredi men were detained in Beit Shemesh Thursday evening on suspicion of hurling stones at non-segregated buses and hurting a police officer.

The ultra-Orthodox men were protesting the detention of their friends in recent days.

If your idea of a protest is throwing stones at people just for being there, you might be a terrorist.

Meanwhile, a haredi man was detained in Jerusalem after cursing at a secular woman walking in the ultra-Orthodox Meah Shearim neighborhood. The man referred to the woman as a “whore” and a “shiksa.”

If you’re not content with personally being able to observe your faith’s rules, and must instead subject everyone else to them, you might be a terrorist.

If you’re intolerant of the mere presence of anyone who is different, you might be a terrorist.

If your beliefs require you to treat women as second class citizens or worse, you might be a terrorist.

If you believe throwing stones at (or otherwise acting violently against) unarmed people is an acceptable method for convincing society to do things your way… Come to think of it, that is the definition of terrorism. So screw it! You are a terrorist!