Thanks to Rick Perry, the Federal Government Cut Off All Medicaid Funding for Family Planning in Texas

ausador3/16/2012 11:00:52 am PDT

The sad thing is that even most of the comments on MSNBC, much less the typical Right wing sites, are blaming the Federal government for cutting off the funds. The cut off of Federal funding for a program that no longer complies with the statutes to qualify for that funding is instead being blamed on Federal “brinkmanship” and Federal “bullying.”

It does not seem to matter that Texas has now violated the rules that allowed it to participate in this Federally funded program by banning Planned Parenthood arbitrarily or that they were given a three month extension before being cut-off to give them a chance to change this legislation. Nope, instead it is the Federal government who is to blame for not caving in and continuing to fund a program that purposefully violated the qualification requirements…sigh. :(

We. Are. So. Fucking. Doomed!

When even the supposed “Liberal supporters” are so easily led into blaming a Federal agency for something that is really the fault of the Republican controlled Texas legislature.