Right Wingers Cheer South African Labor Union Massacre of Blacks With Racist Glee

BigPapa8/19/2012 6:53:09 am PDT

re: #4 Dark_Falcon

I’d argue that both Chrysler and GM were in fact driven into bankruptcy by their unions incessant demands and insane work rules.

Go right ahead.

RH beat me to pointing out where instances in which unions make mistakes or go too far are frequently held to be reasons to end unionism instead of criticizing that union and that policy.

We’re dealing with stereotypes, inferences, and ideology here.

Why is it then that many union leaders have 6 figure incomes and high end lifestyles?

I don’t know Bob. How many union leaders have six figure salaries, and what specifically are those salaries? $100,000 or $999,999? What are these high end lifestyles?