Sharmeka Moffitt, Louisiana Woman, Set [herself] on Fire and Confronted With 'KKK' Slur in Race-Related Attack (HOAX)

Decatur Deb10/24/2012 7:19:45 am PDT

re: #4 Destro

What was his name? Morton Downey, JR? Was he the first? In any case he hoaxed himself with swastika written on his forehead (backwards) and then there was Tawana Brawley who wrote racial slurs on her body (I don’t recall which came first) and then there was the Republican lady who wrote “O” on her face and on and on.

Ashley Todd. Wrote a ‘B’ backwards (an ‘O’ would have worked). She was a College Republican National Committee field agent in Pittsburgh. Came to them through Ron Paul.