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Eric The Fruit Bat10/19/2019 1:45:54 pm PDT

William Milliken, the last of the sane GOP and longest serving Governor in the state of Michigan, passed away yesterday at the age of 97.

Just to show you how regressive the GOP is, when Milliken announced that he supported Hillary Clinton, the Traverse City GOP disowned him:

“It’s a political statement. It says nothing about the service of the Governor. He’s done an honorable job in service to the country and the state,” Gillman said. “But this recognizes that his action over time have indicated he’s not a Republican anymore and when he speaks from the bully pulpit and endorses the other side, it’s at the very least, not right. It’s dishonest or he’s confused about what a Republican really is.”

The vote, which came after Gillman’s father — Michael Gillman, a friend and appointee of Milliken — spoke in opposition to the resolution.

“He eloquently spoke, opposing the resolution and talked about inclusion in the party and growing the party and then we took the vote,” Jason Gillman said.

It was 46-33. Milliken is no longer recognized as a Republican, at least not in his home county of Grand Traverse.

The resolution read, in part: “For endorsing Hillary Clinton, a known liar, probable felon, and Democrat for President over the Republican Nominee Donald Trump, we find the political actions and biannual endorsements of those in other parties by this figure of former Republican prominence to be detrimental to our party, its platform, and its candidates. Be it resolved that through a vote of duly elected Republican delegates in the Aug. 11 County Convention, the Former Governor William G Milliken’s status as a Republican be no longer recognized by the Grand Traverse County Republican Party.”