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majii6/13/2017 4:08:37 pm PDT

re: #503 Stanley Sea

“Trump’s move to deport Christians to Iraq stirs outcry”

I’m a Christian and have been one for over 50 years, and I have zero sympathy for the “c”hristians who seem to have thought that Trump would create a special carve out for Christian refugees. They didn’t know for whom they voted. They also don’t realize that if push comes to shove and Trump has to choose between himself and them, he will always choose himself. It’s their fault that they bought into his lies, and as far as I’m concerned, they’ll have to deal with their angst about this matter the best that they can. I hate that Christian refugees living in America are being treated this way, but the way for real Christians to have prevented it was to do their research on Trump before they voted for him. If they had, they would have realized that he has no long-term affiliation with any religious denomination.