Robert Spencer and the Extremists

Daria Emmons9/09/2009 2:49:11 pm PDT

re: #477 Sharmuta

I hate unprincipled fence sitters.

Okay, let me say this (appropriate caveats - I am not a Spencer fan, etc):

I recently met an extremely sweet person at a party I went to who told me he reads Jihad Watch daily. He is clearly anti-fascist, but he reads the site because he feels it is unparalleled in providing information about Jihad.

Does this person thus become a fascist because he likes Spencer’s works/sites? I believe the answer is of course not.

Plenty of mainstream and respected people are friendly with Robert Spencer, and work with him. That does not make them fascist enablers or apologists.

Spencer has his own issues - including his turning a blind eye towards those he works with, and not caring who his friends and allies are. In addition, I have concerns about his overall approach.

But we are frankly being absurd if we believe that merely linking to Spencer’s blog renders someone a fascist or fascist enabler.