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Anymouse 🌹🏡😷11/23/2020 2:09:21 am PST

re: #47 ericblair

Yes, and interestingly, no. The video, which seems to track a lot of leftist thinking, is that wars are all about money, and that the UN and (I guess) G7 and other organizations are the tools of the transnational billionaires.

It’s this sort of reductionist economic thinking that is another type of horseshoe theory: both the billionaires and the left see everything in the world in terms of money. There is no ethnic or racial strife, or historical grievance, that cause wars, apparently, and the world’s governments are all united in one big cabal under the Great God Money.

Also, the mashing together of the Big Money transnational rich, who use countries and their banks and their citizenships as tools to be exploited and discarded, with international organizations which work through governments completely tied to their individual nations. They’re not the same thing, and when international organizations do get pressured by Big Money, it’s via specific national governments, not through the organization itself.

You only have to look at the Trump years, what kind of people back Trump, and how Trump treated international organizations, to understand how off base this all is. Anyway.

Sure there’s ethnic and racial strife. Those tend to be inflamed by people who have something to gain from said strife.

“Big money” is represented in that video as the rotund character in the top hat with a cigar, driving those governments to work on the behalf of “big money.”

The kinds of people backing Trump? The now-repentant Charles Koch, the Mercers, Sheldon Adelson, corporations which were the beneficiaries of the tax scam and their stockholders, banks, &c., “Big money.”

We could break the chain of transmission right now of Covid-19 if we just paid people to stay home for three weeks or so. You know who doesn’t want to do that? The “big money” which owns conservative politicians in this nation. People like Mitch McConnell who just lets a relief bill sit on his desk since May because it doesn’t service his masters to pass it.

At least as far as so-called First World nations are concerned, damn right they are concerned about money (and power) first. The United Kingdom is about to burn down their entire country over Brexit so the plebes can get blue passports and the extremely wealthy can get rich off the carcass of the kingdom as its economy goes up in flames.

In the Great Depression, you know who wasn’t standing in bread lines? People like JP Morgan and the Vanderbilts. They made money off people’s pain.