Onion: Financial Expert Offers Obsessive Recession Tips

simoom10/16/2009 3:18:53 pm PDT

Yesterday President Obama did some fundraising at a San Francisco dinner. Local radio station KFSO-AM organized a modest (I’m guessing a couple hundred participants) Tea Party protest in response. One positive development is they explicitly laid down some ground rules:

Wear your best patriotic outfits, bring American Flags, signs (but remember to keep it clean and stay on point with things like Health Care Reform, Taxes, etc. No references to Obama’s Birth Certificate issue or comparisons to Hitler, as they are never media-friendly).

Note that the reason given for the rule is media-friendliness and not that the topics are plain nutty - none the less it’s an improvement.

As far as I can tell this request was mostly respected as I only found two Obama-as-Hitler/facist sign images: (the no difference Hitler / Obama sign on the left) (had to use as the repeating AAA’s in the blogspot address kept getting truncated)

And only one Birther sign: (Kenyan village idiot sign, bottom right)

Also at the protest were the typical Obama-as-communist signs: ( to a blogspot image again)

Plus a whole lot of death panel signs:

To round things out, here’s an Obama-as-Judas sign: ( to a blogspot image)