Overnight Open Thread

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re: #466 Obdicut

Have you read Erin Hoffman’s piece about the terrible practices at EA? It doesn’t relate to the contractor thing directly, but it’s a powerful read.


That is awful, and no self-respecting employer should treat its employees that way.

The company is also correct on the OT “exemption” for computer folks, unfortunately. I never could understand why that particular exemption exists. It’s not hugely unfair if the employer grants comp time, but EA apparently does not (or does but doesn’t allow people to take off the time).

People cannot work those sorts of hours and stay alert - there will be many many errors made. It should make people want to be very careful about buying any of these products.

Now, a funny (sort of) story from my HR days.

We had a guy apply for a job. He wanted to show that he had X amount of experience in a certain type of job. He turned in an application showing:
1. For a particular period of time, he was working simultaneously in Louisiana and in Oklahoma.
2. The combined hours of work he reported for a different period of time where he claimed to have had 3 jobs all at the same time, came to 250 hours per week.
3. 24 hours in a day X 7 days in a week = 168 hours. This poor guy not only had no time to eat or sleep, he somehow magically worked more hours in an entire week than existed in a week!

People - be very careful when you fill out applications for work. HR offices do check these things.