Seth Meyers: Democrats Take on Corporate Profits and CEO Pay [VIDEO]

Anymouse 🌹🎃4/18/2019 2:15:13 am PDT

Iowa Republicans are attempting to pass a law to push out the Chief Justice of the Iowa Supreme Court on a specific date in 2021.

The Chief Justice was the person who wrote the unanimous decision for marriage equality in 2009.

The bill would also eliminate the merit-based system of appointment of state supreme court justices (a non-partisan commission submits a list to the governor) with a system to allow the party in power to appoint justices without such input.

Christians already turfed out three of the justices from that decision.

One of the great failings of liberal voters is the failure to look at who’s appointing judges and who writes the laws for that.

Goes to “The Non-Prophets” (7:10)

Iowan Bill Would Deliberately Target Marriage Equality | The Non-Prophets 18.05