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Seems like a bit of a shame, really: Why Doris Day will have ‘no funeral or memorial service’ - or even a grave marker

Day, who died of pneumonia Monday at age 97, “didn’t like death,” her manager and close friend Bob Bashara told the magazine.

“She couldn’t be with her animals if they had to be put down. She had difficulty accepting death,” he added.

We all do.

She had four husbands and one child, who already passed away, so there are no descendants to mourn her.

For being an “all American girl”, in real life she never really fit the stereotypical mold.

This is so common - people create conceptions of movie stars based on movies, and the conceptions are often far from reality.

Doris Day basically lived the last third of her life often in obscurity, only coming out for very special occasions. With her success, wild success, in her early years she could have lingered on as a public celebrity right up to her death, but she chose not to.

So I think she is totally foreign to anyone under 40 years old or so. They’ve heard her sing no doubt because her songs have ended up in many movies even in recent years, but her last “actress” credit is dated way back to 1973.

I still enjoy The Man Who Knew Too Much and even if it is not Hitchcock’s best movie, Day’s singing is one of the gems of the movie.