Overnight Open Thread

Vet_Missing_Parts (1LT, Ret)2/04/2009 6:41:44 am PST

re: #513 realwest

Hey LT! That’s why they stopped calling it Global Warming and started calling it Climate Change!
Did anyone out here mention yet that Obama plans to limit top compensation of executives at companies that take Fed money from here on, to $500,000 a year?
Workers and minimum wage would not be affected, however.

They can call it whatever they like, but all their horror stories are based in increasing temps by that catastrophic 0.6 deg C.

They don’t get to change their theory’s name, but not substance, when the experiment shows data opposite what it predicts.

$500,000? That’s what they get for begging for Fed money, idiots… it will eventually come with a max profit percentage, too.