Rush Limbaugh, Creationist

Westward Ho5/19/2009 11:15:28 pm PDT

OK dittoheads which of the following positions do you choose to get around evolution?

1. Literalist interpretation of the scriptures which would mean that you are a YEC. That is akin to someone believing that he is Napoleon and obstinately rejecting all evidence that he is not - or as schopenhauer said a Madman residing in a impregnable blockhouse. Call this the first horn of the dilemma and to be charitable I don’t think you would want to be skewered by it.
2. You believe in the geological antiquity of the world you believe where the evidence takes you, in this case to a 4 billion yrs + world & your problems are as long and numerous as the no. of species;
None of the species present in today’s world existed at the beginning of the world and infact there was no multicellular life for most of the 4 billion year history. Things you know progressed from extremely humble beginnings to what it is today like as if they “evolved”. Now you do not believe in “Macro Evolution” but believe in “Micro Evolution” let’s try to make sense of your stance.
How do you account for the lack of presence of today’s creatures through most of the fossil record & since you do not allow for speciation except when it is done by a gent with a long beard and flowing robes you will have to embrace the theory that the creator is continuously poofing new species into existence through out geological time as well as continuously destroying stuff he does not like.
You have an erratic and exceedingly busy creator now suddenly waking up in the Cambrian and then destroying most of his creatures during the Permian extinction. Poof come the dinos, Zap go the dinos, poof the sabre toothed tiger, Wooly mammoth, Australopithecus, Zap the whole lot! The Poofing and Zapping has been going on for millions of times across billions of years to account for the current lot. At least the YEC crowd only require one Poofing.
Isn’t the second horn after investigation looking infinitely more ridiculous than the Fundie YEC horn? There is no other alternative if you reject evolution.

Out of a sense of charity I appeal to you to not view evolution through the eyes of a culture warrior. It’s not an evil librul canard it is science.