Anti-Muslim Bigotry: The New Flavor of the GOP

Mayor of Shadyville8/10/2010 2:00:59 pm PDT

Dear Cato,
Thanks for the insults, you piece of shit. I never said anything even remotely insulting to you.
I don’t know you, and I’m certainly not ignorant, although I admire your web muscles. You seem really quick to insult someone who disagrees with you and thats a shame. I’d love to sit and have a cup of your favorite beverage with you and have a conversation, so we can get to know eachother, who knows, we may be friends.
But I’ve had enough of your ‘net balls and this is the last post of the day for me because of its proximity to 5 o clock. And I’m not going to check back on this thread because frankly, its not ON ground zero, and you ceased making valid arguments over 100 posts ago. But I will find you in LGF because you’re always around I remember your name from before. You’re like Charles’s fluffer, coming around with you’re keyboard fly swatter and giving yourself a nice big cyber chubby.
I love guys and gals like you, because you chastize vitriol and spew it like Kilauea spews magma.
You sir, are a jerk off, and I hope the constitution justifies your argument, or maybe wipes the kilngons off your ass, I don’t care either way.
And if you were reading me correctly, which you weren’t, I said I was now aware that it wasnt on ground zero, that I simply wasnt comfortable if it actually was. But don’t let FACTS get in your way guys, HAVE at it!
Just know that I won’t be checking on this thread, you can mock me, make fun of me, call me whatever you like, because it makes it funnier to me. I hope there’s at least 5 people quoting me and using it to further some kind of inane point.
But I’ll be back Cato, not tomorrow though because I’m in the firehouse and wouldn’t want to cyber fight some jerkoff on a municipal computer.
But as for my accounting office job? This whole conversation was on someone’s billable hours, and I think that’s funny too.
Hopefully I’m not on your accounting office’s staff! Or hopefully your tax return is simple enough where you can turbo tax it and still maximize your refund. Either way, good luck friend.