We Take a Short Trip Down the QAnon Rabbit Hole

ericblair7/10/2018 7:41:08 am PDT

re: #501 Lupin

Sorry to harp over this, but I’m surprised that the issue of the US military bases in EU isn’t at the forefront of the discussions on TV. Without NATO, bye bye bases. Without bases, bye bye global power projection.

In the eyes of the Pentagon, this is second only to nuclear missiles and MAD. It is the ultimate selling out of the US to Russia.

Do you think this is going to go down without a peep?

These aren’t NATO bases: they’re US bases that in most cases host or support NATO activities, based on bilateral or NATO agreements. The “real” NATO bases are places like SHAPE in Belgium, JFC Brunssum and JFC Naples. However, many US personnel are governed by NATO Status of Forces agreements, and there is the little matter of the NATO role in nuclear Command and Control.

The good thing in all this is that, unlike the rest of the agreements Trump has fucked with, the North Atlantic Treaty is an actual treaty, funding for NATO and US forces in Europe are actual Congressional funding lines, and Congress has shown absolutely no appetite to help him fuck with NATO (it was 97-2 to approve Montenegro accession last year, which Putin really really didn’t like, considering he tried to assassinate the Montenegrin president because of it). And probably more importantly, Mattis is very pro NATO and Trump is scared of him.

I’m not looking forward to the NATO summit, since there’s a million ways Trump can fuck with things, but he has far less room to maneuver here than with the G7 or the TPP or the Paris agreement or anything else the useless Republican congress has seen fit to dump in POTUS’s lap instead of doing their jobs.