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So this popped up in a local tabloid, Aftonbladet.

In Poland, there is this group named Ordo Iuris, which opposes abortion, homosexuality and sex education. It is hidden, but appears to have the support of the current government there.

They are running a “Save the Children” campaign. The campaign states that no sex education should be allowed in schools without parents expressly approving it. In particular, one should not be informed about homosexuality. When the Mayor of Warsaw recently signed a declaration to give sexual minorities the same rights as heterosexuals, Ordo Iuris demanded that the mayor withdraw his signature and called for protests.

They claimed that the Warsaw mayor wants to teach the children to masturbate when they are four and say yes to sex when they are six. “Ten-year-olds learned to put on a condom and how to make a child. My children are at that age and I think it is too early to learn about such things. Here we keep the traditions. I believe many other countries in Europe are envious of us because we have firmer rules and can combine it with economic growth.

Ordo Iuris rep is quoted as saying “You should not have sex with someone from the same sex. One should not have sex for fun.”. And they are keeping a blacklist of sex educators in the country.

And the usual “keep the traditions”, “Poland awake” etc…

FYI, as it is known that the alt-right has assisted cross-pollination, just a heads up what might crop up.


I don’t know if this is so much alt-right cross-pollination as it is religious indoctrination.

Every one of those claims (you should not have sex for fun, you should not have sex with someone else of the same sex, &c) are promoted by almost every religious denomination (especially the Catholic Church, the majority church of Poland).

Blacklisting sex educators occasionally occurs in the USA. When there are strong church groups they will also try to get sex education removed (or the teachers removed).

Then there is the issue of abortion. Religious people are famous for harassment and blacklisting providers and patients.