Seth Meyers: Second Week of Impeachment Testimony Ends With More Damning Evidence

sagehen11/22/2019 12:38:17 pm PST

re: #46 KGxvi

It is an interesting read. Having been on the inside of the conservative movement for some time, I can definitely attest to how it’s changed in the age of Trump - though that started near the end of the GWB administration, when the economy collapsed. The crazy has accelerated in the Trump era.

“A wave of hateful bigots just coincidentally happened to emerge from under rocks during the past three years, as if they perceived some sort of national green light, some sort of giant signal that it was okay to express these views and behave this way. God only knows what could have given them that idea. Either way, the country is coming apart at the seams, so this is no time to abandon the president!”