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Love-Child of Cassandra and Sisyphus12/09/2019 4:14:53 am PST

UK opinion polls tracker: Tories on course to win with their biggest majority since Thatcher

Understand that the Tories are only in majority relationship with the DUP currently.

If the Tories win enough seats to be an outright majority, then something has gone horribly wrong with the political parties Labour and Liberals.

Note that the Tories can get less than 50% of the national vote but still be a majority in Parliament, for many of the same reasons that Trump won in 2016. The anti-Tory regions are very anti-Tory but they are mostly urban centers. So what if Labour carries certain constituencies by vast majorities, if the Tories take many seats by small margins.

It’s like here in California, where the GOP is now obsolete. Yet no matter how many millions of votes Trump will lose by here in California, if he wins PA and WI and IA by a few hundred votes, Trump will get re-elected.

I know many of us feel skipped over by candidates who don’t visit our areas, but the Democratic party has to concentrate on carrying 5 states in the next election: FL, PA, NC, WI, and IA. Deny Trump those and he can’t be President.