Colbert on the GOP's Incredibly Lame Excuses for Voting Against Witnesses in the Trump Impeachment Trial

Jebediah, RBG2/04/2020 11:13:39 am PST

re: #25 Belafon

Kos is hashing through some ideas on redoing the primaries, but includes this little tidbit:

When I fractured my neck mountain biking, the orderly wheeling me back and forth to cat scan and mri etc was telling about the number of DOA and DSAA* from extremely minor bike accidents - like falling over while stationary - where there was no helmet being worn. My helmet had a deep pointy dent in the forehead area. I don’t want to speculate what that whatever-it-was would have done to me sans helmet. (My sunglasses appear to have saved an eye, as well.)
Somewhere there is a picture of me, bandaged, bloody, and doped to the gills, pitching my wife on the idea that if I had a full-suspension bike, the accident would not have happened. Apparently I had a hard time getting through the pitch without laughing.

*Dead Soon After Arrival. Not official medical lingo as far as I know.