Anthony Weiner Schedules Press Conference to Deal with Latest Accusations

ElCapitanAmerica6/06/2011 2:15:45 pm PDT

re: #521 Naso Tang

No that is not what I’m saying. Don’t be such a frigging jerk.

I’m saying that under some circumstances having had extramarital sex could be a matter of private life that some 50%, I read, of married couple in this country have done.

This action is just plain too stupid for someone in his position to put himself in.

Stupid; not human frailty.

This shows a greater lack of judgement and self control than any moment of giving in to lust would have done and will haunt him and Democrats credibility in the future.

Less sex control than any of the other politicians who have actually had real physical sex with other women, often even fathering kids outside of marriage???