Michael Jackson Hospitalized - Update: LA Times Reports Jackson Has Died

Proud to be an Infidel6/26/2009 8:51:31 am PDT

Michael Jackson may have had a weakness for young boys but you certainly cannot put him in the same category as a John Cewy or those degenerate pedophiles who murdered Carla Brushki and Polly Klass. Regardless that still is an aspect of his life that cannot be condoned. BUT he was a talented musician and a very charismatic figure. Besides, with all his crazy fetishes aside, I do think he genuinely helped children. I did like his music and was really pulling for him in his comeback. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t meant to be. And I do think, to his credit, that he did distance himself from young boys during the past few years of his life, so he did learn some valuable lessons from his misjudgments. Not everybody can say that!