Another Investigation Exonerates the 'Climategate' Scientists

Bagua7/07/2010 6:26:40 pm PDT

re: #525 Stanley Sea

Who’s the scapegoat?

GOP, and “deregulation.”

I made the point that this accident also required a regulatory failure to occur. The regulators were controlled by both republicans and democrats, and in this particular case specifically approved the fatal acts. Thus we are looking at a regulator failing to regulate a driller failing to propose safe procedures.

Thus we need to address, honestly and without politics, the regulatory failure that directly permitted the accident. This does not absolve the BP crew from making the actual mistake by any means. Rather is shows that we need more than just regulators and regulations as they also failed.

Are you following me now? If it was a case of something unregulated, something left to BP’s discretion entirely, then I would be pointing out a lack of regulation. That did not occur with this accident by all appearances.