Kentucky T-Shirts for Sale: 'Yup, I'm A Racist'

Gus7/04/2010 7:10:58 pm PDT

re: #527 iceweasel

Oh no WAY would that happen. No freakin way. The big money old school GOP donors have always despised Steele and regarded Palin—even in 2008— as a carnival sideshow for their masses, the bait to lure in the religious right rubes and the Dobson douches.

They hate Steele so much they won’t even give to the RNC now but to their own group. PALIN to replace him? Steele’s main problem is that he says whatever comes into his head. Palin’s problem is the same, and it’s an even dumber head.

Right. I don’t see Palin replacing Steele. Of course they would have to have a special election. Odds are it would be relative unknown or maybe not. Someone that’s not currently holding office. Newt Gingrich maybe? I know he wouldn’t be a lot of people’s choice including Republicans.