Quran Burning Pastor Learned Everything He Knows About Muslims from YouTube

jamesfirecat9/08/2010 6:28:00 pm PDT

re: #501 Dark_Falcon

Remember, Wind, that I was born and raised in Chicago, and I’ve lived in Cook County my whole life. I’ve been taking potshots at Chicago’s political culture since the Hired Truck Scandal, long before I joined LGF. It’s not really about Obama, since he didn’t engage in the kind of shenanigans I’m talking about. I understand what you’re saying Wind, but I’m a local and its different for me.

Sorry wasn’t aware of the fact that you were from there, that sort of does a lot to mitigate it, in the sense of its always okay to mock your own home town.

Tell you what I’ll give you some up dings to make up for it if you can. tell me, Where’s the Office of the Assessor of Cook County?