Which is Smarter: Nancy Pelosi or a Blue Soap Dish?

OldLineTexan2/04/2009 1:06:17 pm PST

re: #522 Athos

And these are the ‘best and brightest’ - who will bring us ‘hope and change’?

Are we certain that they weren’t referencing the enemy when they were talking about ‘hope and change’? All I see is more ‘hope and change’ for our enemies given these examples of national leadership - Obama, Biden, Pelosi, and Reid.

How the %^&$ did we lose to these clowns?

By running the best centrist moderate consensus-building aisle-reacher-acrosser non-Bush the MSM we could find.

And frankly, out of all the candidates (including my favorite, who was IIRC at least one of the FIRST to bite it), none would have beaten Obama’s pretty style and the rampant BDS sufferers. IMO, of course.