Van Jones: I Am Not a Truther

austin_blue9/03/2009 8:10:55 pm PDT

re: #467 3 wood

Quite frankly, whether or not this guy Van Jones is a troofer (which I doubt based only on this petition thing) is the least of my concerns about the guy. His avowed communism is all I needed to know.

he said he “discovered” communism. So did I. It was in Econ 101. Did I take a close look? Sure I did. Any internally logical economic philosophy deserves a look! And communism, in theory, had internal logic. It was when you looked at communism *in practice* that it fell apart. It was always used as a tool for maintaining the status of elites. Total government control. A total fail. So I don’t mind people dabbling in communism. It’s very attractive until you realize that it is totally impractical in the real world.

I tend to give people the opportunity to grow up. If I was still the little wanker I was at 21, I’d cut me own throat.