Stephen Colbert's Debate Wrap-Up Hits All the Points [VIDEO]

LeftyRambles2413 (HappyWarrior)1/15/2020 11:53:28 am PST

re: #52 Shiplord Kirel, Friend of Moose and Squirrel

This. Exactly. It is the reason I hate these people with the fire of a million suns. If they had prevailed earlier in the 20th century, I would never have gone to Cornell or even escaped from the dusty trailer park where I grew up. They have spent the last 50 years working and plotting, and sometimes killing, to deny the same opportunity to others. They have largely succeeded, as the massive debt and poverty of the millennial generation shows. They want to keep it that way, as the loathesome Betsy DeVos, “Princess Amway,” has shown since Trump gave her the mandate to finish the destruction of democratic education once and for all.

Without the GI Bill to pay for my late grandfather’s trade school, he gets stuck in the mines and I’m probably on my way to becoming a fourth generation coal miner. We don’t ask for “free stuff”, man I can’t tell y’all how much I hate that phrase but we do want a floor that our parents and grandparents had. But I guess it’s easy just to look down on people when you’ve had everything handed to you like DeVos and Trump did.