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Yeah Sure WhatEVs11/04/2012 9:58:28 am PST

re: #523 Gretchen G.Tiger

I’ve noticed with the Sporting Breeds, the better instincts they naturally have for their Sport —the dumber they are in everyother respect.

Hubby reports that Brat Puppy is becoming a dream of field dog. He still can’t figure out to get off the bed when the rest of the dogs do when we come to bed. It’s a ritual. We start messing with the covers, the dogs get off, wait, then when we have settled, they get back on and resettle themselves. Brat Puppy now 1.5 years just gives us a blank look when we tell him to GO. Other dogs are sitting on the sidelines waiting to be called back up.

We have a Brittany (who is the anti-type…he is so aloof), who is so smart it’s frightening. He can open doors with round door knobs. When we got the Visla (who is the dumbest, but most loveable dog ever), the Britt was so unhappy he would open a bedroom door, lead the Visla into it and then close the door so the poor Visla was stuck in the room. The Britt would also open the back door and lock the Visla out in the back yard.

If he was bigger, I would be frightened as I stole his owner (my husband) from him. He is Stewie and I am sure he dreams of seeing me dead.