Dr. Tiller Shot to Death at Wichita Church

ladycatnip5/31/2009 12:54:27 pm PDT

#516 Jimmah

As a non- believer, I regard the scriptures as wholly the work of men, so for me it just isn’t even remotely controversial that there should be parts of it that are morally suspect, or just plain wrong. That isn’t the same as saying it’s all wrong or it’s simply evil or anything like that. I would have thought that reasonable believers would be able to accept that not everything in the Bible is ‘inspired’, rather than feeling the need to defend every last piece of scripture, no matter how obviously problematic.

Jimmah, you are entitled to your opinion, but again, it’s just your opinion. Idioma and you brought this into the mix. No one knows whether the murderer of Tiller is even claiming to be a Christian; your assumptions are premature and biased. It appears that the two of you decided to pounce on the Bible as a result of Dr. Tiller’s death and vent your own personal negative feelings about religion. That’s not good debate, and is no different than asking a person when they stopped beating their wife. You’re leading with a negative rather than having a civil debate.