Another Investigation Exonerates the 'Climategate' Scientists

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I think the concern being stated is that given that BP was given all these exceptions to the regulations, we’d be very interested in finding out which other companies have also been given masses of exceptions.

Again, my husband has drilled in the range of 250-300 wells. The big players are companies like BP, Shell,etc. Shell does not play the sorts of games BP played. BP has been known far and wide for NOT being a safe company. My husband has never worked a well where the company man overruled the objections and concerns of EVERYONE else there, the experts, and proceeded with something like what BP did.

I’m not saying exceptions were never granted; what I am saying is that it is in a company’s best interest to make a well with NO INCIDENTS whatsoever; the price otherwise, in terms of lives lost or ruined and in terms of money, is just too high, as we’ve seen with what BP is having to pay now.