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re: #50 Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))

In Poland especially, every time we turned on a TV while vacationing there, they were broadcasting a documentary or drama about the Polish Civil War or WW2, told very much from the Polish view of events.

And you can get thrown in prison for even hinting that the Poles took an active role in persecuting the Jews there during the German occupation.

Some Poles probably did. Most Poles did not.

Yad Vashem lists out the Righteous Among the Nations. Poles are far and away the most represented.

The government of Poland most certainly did not participate in any aspect of the Holocaust, as it was forced into exile a couple weeks after Germany and the Soviet Union invaded it.

The phrase “Polish death camps” rankles not only Poles, but those of Polish descent in the USA. Extermination camps in Poland were run by Germany, not Poland.

Moreover, in the General Government area (the area of Poland occupied by Nazi Germany), Poles who were not Jewish were limited in education to fourth grade. The intelligensia and politicians who did not escape were rounded up. Over 9,000 Polish schoolteachers were murdered by the Nazis.

Hitler viewed Poles as sub-human and the goal was to exterminate them as well, with a goal set of 1975. (about halfway down on education)