Bad Lip Reading Does "TRUMP in ASIA" [VIDEO]

KGxvi7/11/2019 12:16:08 pm PDT

re: #43 calochortus

Like anyone knows what the hell he’ll do when his microphone is on.

I noticed the Freepers think Obama removed the question by EO. When someone pointed out it had been dropped in 1960, one person thanked him for the information and everyone else went back to discussing how Trump could easily reinstate the question with an EO since Obama had removed it with one.

The problem Trump will have with an EO is the same one he’s had with trying to do it through the regulatory process - the intent is obviously and purely discriminatory in nature. The “out” that Roberts gave in his opinion wasn’t really for Trump, it was for the administration that will be running the 2030 census. Asking about citizenship isn’t inherently discriminatory, and there are some potentially reasons that would pass rational basis standards - like for example getting a count/estimate of people who may be subject to the selective service over the next decade, should there need to be a draft.

Beyond that, there’s no way this gets back to the Supreme Court in time for a ruling before census documents start going out.