John Oliver Turns His Pitiless Gaze on the Scourge of Compounding Pharmacies (Feat. Michael Bolton and His Parrot) [VIDEO]

Belafon9/30/2019 12:48:20 pm PDT

re: #49 CleverToad

Ditto. I’m old.
I understand the reasoning. I will respect the people who have asked for this usage as their preference. I’ll get used to hearing it in a few years. It will take me a loooong time to use this convention without the awkward double-think of ‘wait, that sounds wrong/no, that’s how you’re supposed to say it…’

I accept the need for singular ‘they.’

Single-space after a period? Now there, ain’t nobody gonna make my fingers stop typing it that way. And don’t even get me started on not underlining book titles when they can’t even make up their dang minds up about italics vs. quotes…

The one grammar thing I haven’t figured out is how to describe someone who has switched genders when the part of the story is about them transitioning. I was trying to tell my mom about one of my son’s friends, who she had met before the transition, and my mom has enough trouble anyway with using the pronoun the person wants to use now.